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Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Dionne,
a graphic designer from the Netherlands who’s also a huge bookaddict and lover of movies and series.

My background story might be a bit unusual and the reason why this blog actually exists starts six years ago when I got very sick. From one day to another I got so sick that I couldn’t even walk or move out of my bed. Doctors didn’t find anything, but also didn’t take it serious. Meanwhile my situation got worse and worse until one and a half year later, when I finally got the answer to all my symptoms. Sadly it wasn’t the one I was hoping for. No simple cure, no simple disease that could be solved with a so-called protocol to follow, it was lyme disease. At that point it was already so severe that I was in the latest stage and therefore got chronic.

Lyme made me miss a lot, but I’ve also learned a lot already in my journey of getting healthy again. I rediscovered my love for books, I appreciate the little things in life a 1000 times more, I learned a lot about the food and health industry and since then I’m vegan and eat gluten- and sugarfree all the way. I try to use as many natural products as I can to help my body heal and through it all I had a fast course of what’s actually important to me in life.

What can you expect on this blog?


You will find all kinds of bookish posts in this section, but mainly book reviews, lists, bookish recommendations and tips. I like to read diverse so there will be many genres from Fantasy, Young Adult and Sciencefiction to Historical, Feelgood and Contemporary books.


I will literally show anything here around a bookish and healthy lifestyle, from my favourite (bookish or foodie) spots till recipes, budget tips, zero waste lifestyle and so much more. I believe health, environment and sustainability are all connected together and can be managed in a budget way. Therefore I like to write diverse and inspire you and myself.

Movies | Series

As you can imagine I’ve seen many many series and movies because I had/have to rest a lot. This also means that I can help you with finding the best series in literally any genre 😉 I love to make lists so prepare to see a lot of them.


Last but not least, as a graphic designer I of course love to design. I mainly work with Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign and will be sharing my designs / products which can be found in my Society6 shop.